Päivitetty: 23.6.2020

Vakka-opisto Heading for Europe

1.8.2018 – 31.7.2021

Vakka-opisto Heading for Europe is a mobility project that is related to EU’s Erasmus+ programme. In the field of adult education, this European Union programme aims at improving the skills of adult education staff and thus the quality of teaching, as well as international cooperation between European adult education organizations.

Vakka-opisto Heading for Europe (Vakka-opisto is the short form of the name of our organization in Finnish) is a two-year project that aims at improving the professional skills and competences of our teaching staff, thus increasing the quality of our teaching. We also wish to establish new contacts in order to start international cooperation. The project focuses on developing the sectors of handicrafts and language teaching.

For more information contact:
Päivi Ruusuvuori, Language teacher
Vakka-Suomi Adult Education Centre
Tel. +358 44 585 3100
Email: paivi.ruusuvuori(at)vakkaopisto.fi

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