Päivitetty: 5.5.2021

Finnish courses at Vakka-opisto

Courses for beginners

We start with the basics. No need to know any Finnish. Lessons once or twice a week, depending on location.
We try to make all our courses flexible, but those in Uusikaupunki are a bit more suitable for students who work in
shifts, as you can come to lessons in the morning or in the afternoon, whichever suits best with you work.

Continuation courses

Continuation courses are aimed at those who already know some Finnish. We are planning to have two groups of
different levels, one for those who know some Finnish and one for those who know Finnish quite well already.
Courses can be held in Laitila or in Uusikaupunki. The contents or the course timetables have not been decided
yet, but the teaching will be organized so that the courses are suitable also for those who work in shifts. Lessons
are once or twice a week and students can also work online. It is also possible to organize online courses.

Enrollment and more information:

For courses in Laitila and Uusikaupunki, contact language teacher Päivi Ruusuvuori for enrollment and information (see contact information below)

Enrollment online is possible for courses in Taivassalo and Vehmaa. Enrollment also possible by contacting language teacher.

Contact information

For more information on all Finnish language courses, contact
language teacher Päivi Ruusuvuori, tel. 044 585 3100